Mums, exist in photos!

13.03.19 06:38 PM Comment(s)

How many times do you hear me say, "exist in photos".
Maybe more often than you'd like but i feel it is so so so important!
Imagine your child in ten or twenty years time having a look back through the family photo album and not seeing any photos of you there. What will they think? Did Mum come on this holiday with us? Did she play in the pool with us, help us build sandcastles or snuggle us up when we got cold? Will your children remember that you were there to?

I understand that as women we often feel self concious when it comes to being photographed. We think about things such as how our hair looks, if our make-up is looking good (or if we even have any on at all), if our clothes match or if we are the weight we want to be. I promise you, your child will see past ALL of that. What they will see is their Mum. The Mum that held their hand whilst they balanced on a wall, the piggy back you gave them when their legs were too tired or the way you both laughed so much about something silly together. They will look back at that moment in time and see the way you looked at them, the tenderness in how you held them, the smile you gave them and the love in your eyes.

Mums, please whether you book with me, another photographer or simply pass your phone over to someone else, get infront of that camera and exist in photos. You'll only ever regret the images that you didn't take. You don't even need to share them on social media or with anyone else but you will always have them. Chances are these images will be your most prize possessions in years to come and you will want to share them (with pride) to the whole world.

One last but most important thing, PRINT WHAT YOU WANT TO PRESERVE! Dont leave images stored on a harddrive never to be looked at again. Harddrives are amazing for a back up but they should be just that, a back up. I can guarantee you will look at the images much much more if there are printed.