Creating memories to last a lifetime

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Creating memories to last a lifetime

Life has this habit of zooming along at an alarming rate, we always think we have more time than we really do. We make plans for things that seem to be in the far-off future and then before we know it, they are on top of us and it’s a mad panic to get organised and make sure that we don’t miss out. We spend a lifetime putting things off until ‘tomorrow’, but as the saying goes tomorrow never comes, and then ultimately things, events, memories, all pass us by and we barely even notice.


The next chapter of your life

Becoming a mum for the first time is the most incredible experience that you will ever go through. It will be terrifying and exciting all at once, it will be the most natural thing you have ever done and the most alien thing all at the same time. Becoming a mum, having that little bundle of joy, that person who relies entirely on you for everything can be a complete contradiction in feelings. One minute you will feel on top of the world and completely in control but the next you will question everything that you are doing and every decision that you are making.


Don’t panic though, that is all completely natural and there are lots of people around you that are able to support and reassure you. Your midwife, your GP and your health visitor are all there to provide you with support and advice so don’t be afraid to reach out to them if you need to.


A time of change

There is no such thing as an ‘easy baby’, it’s true some babies will fuss or cry more than others, and some will eat really well whilst others will struggle to maintain and put on weight, but they all have their little foibles. There will be days where the most chilled out baby is making you want to tear your hair out as you just can’t figure out what they need, and days where the fussy baby will sleep and giggle and bring endless smiles to your face making you forget just how sleep deprived you are.


There will be days where you feel like superwoman and you can do everything and there will be days where you wish you could pull the duvet back over your head and hide from the world. The beauty of being a new mum and having this gorgeous little newborn baby is that you can set the pace. If you want to stay home then go ahead and do that, but if you want to head out to activities like baby massage or sensory play or you want to meet a friend for lunch at a favourite restaurant then you can do that too.


Yes, having a newborn means a period of change and adaptation for you but it can be the most incredible and enjoyable time. Babies are constantly learning and adapting, and they never give up when trying to master a new skill, so we can all definitely learn from them. But they grow and change so fast that you don’t want to miss out on those crucial early days, weeks and months.


Your child is too precious to miss out on

Every one of us has a camera that is never far from hand – our trusty smart phone – but can you rely on home images alone to capture the true essence and beauty of your newborn? If you constantly have your phone in hand ready to capture an image of their first smile, their funny face as they sleep, that cute new outfit and all the other moments you want to capture you might find that you miss out on seeing and experiencing those moments.


Now is the time to invest in creating memories that will last a lifetime. One of the ways that you can do that is by booking a newborn photography shoot with Leicestershire’s premier newborn and baby photographer; me, Jessica Illife. I amthe Baby Whisperer, I earnt that name by being amazing not only at taking pictures of babies but being able to sooth them, and you, as we work through a fantastic photoshoot. I have kids of my own and the one thing I regret is not having done a beautiful newborn photoshoot with them. I have thousands of pictures of them now but nothing quite matches the precious pictures from those very first weeks.


I pride myself on being the very best newborn and baby photographer in the East Midlands, I have tricks up my sleeve that you have never seen before that will turn the grumpiest of babies into the perfect model. I have super soft fabrics, cute little accessories and magical ways to capture the perfect pose. Stand behind the person behind the camera and watch the magic unfold, experience those beautiful moments through your own eyes rather than the screen of your phone and then keep those images in one of the beautiful digital or physical forms that I offer.


A picture speaks a thousand words. Are you ready to find out more?