A letter to my daughter's on International Women's Day

08.03.19 01:39 PM Comment(s)

Dear G & M,

Today is International Women's Day.

It is an incredible day where we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of women throughout history and into our every day. From Emmeline Pankhurst to our very best friend. We show our upmost gratitude for the things they have done for us and however big or small their actions have been we are thankful for how they have changed our lives. We raise awareness for women far and wide who are suffering from prejudice, injustice, fear and unfairness, simply due to their gender. We reach for a future where this all ends.

I sit reflecting today on the life I dream of for you girls and for the world you will grow up in. May you never forget that your voice CAN change the world, may you always be surrounded with people that make you stand tall, that empower you and in return may you empower and support others. May you always remeber that if you can be anything, be kind. You have such beautiful souls that I want the world to be able to see. May you always know just how beautiful, brave and strong you are, it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks. May you always have the confidence to be yourself, that really is your super power. May you always rememer that a dream is a wish your heart makes. Follow your heart, chase your dreams and believe that you can accomplish anything.

However, most of all, may you always know I love, you, I am proud of you, I beleieve in you, I am there for you and you will ALWAYS be my baby girls <3

Remember, who runs the world....?!

Love always,
Mummy <3