By: jessicailiffe | May 04, 2020

40 days... where has the time gone?!

I thought 40 days would be FOREVER but in reality it's actually flown by!

During this time I wanted to capture what our life has really been like during this pandemic. Truth is, on the most part, it's actaully been lovely!

As the world has forced distance between us, it has bought our family closer together. As the pandemic has stopped us doing so many things, it has also meant we could try so many new things or find the time to do the things we have always loved but been too busy to do. As this pandemic has bought craziness to the world it has bought peace and calm to our house.

It would be so easy to let Covid-19 bring us down but these photos will always be a reminder of this time and that despite horrend...

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By: jessicailiffe | March 13, 2019

How many times do you hear me say, "exist in photos".
Maybe more often than you'd like but i feel it is so so so important!
Imagine your child in ten or twenty years time having a look back through the family photo album and not seeing any photos of you there. What will they think? Did Mum come on this holiday with us? Did she play in the pool with us, help us build sandcastles or snuggle us up when we got cold? Will your children remember that you were there to?

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By: jessicailiffe | March 08, 2019

Dear G & M,

Today is International Women's Day.

It is an incredible day where we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of women throughout history and into our every day. From Emmeline Pankhurst to our very best friend. We show our upmost gratitude for the things they have done for us and however big or small their actions have been we are thankful for how they have changed our lives. We raise awareness for women far and wide who are suffering from prejudice, injustice, fear and unfairness, simply due to their gender. We reach for a future where this all ends.

I sit reflecting today on the life I dream of for you girls and for the world you will grow up in. May you never forget that your voice CAN change the world, may you always be ...

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By: jessicailiffe | January 17, 2018

baby sitter sitting photoshoot milestone photographer bump to baby photography leicester uk east midlands

One of my favourite ages to photograph is between 6-12 months old. During this age babies are able to master the milestone of sitting unaided or with little support. Their personalities begin to shine through and so many lovely, happy faces are captured.

At this age I am also about to capture a variety of photos in such a short time (usually around 45 minutes). This includes closer up head shots, baby showing off their new sitting skills, baby on their backs playing with their toes, rolling over and then tummy time and sometimes crawling to. 

If your little one has a soft toy, a special blanket of another item that means something to them and you would like to include it in the session please just let me know and I will do my best to inc...